Scenes from Around the Pool

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Spring Day

Summer Day

Autumn Day

Winter Day


Floating the Day Away

The Big Splash

Afternoon Volleyball

Playground for Tots


Frog Band *

Picnic Area

Playing Ping Pong**

Picnic by the Brook


Learning to Swim

Butterfly Garden

Sing Along



Fun for Kids

Puppet Shows

Crafts for Kids

Puppetry fun


Scenes from the Hiking Trails

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Saddle Mountain

North from High Point

Northeast view

East from High Point


Waterfall By the Pool

Wyanokie Falls

Chikahoki Falls

Falls Above the Weir


Wyanokie High Point

Blue Mine

Into the Laurel Mine

Out of the Laurel Mine

All photos copyright D.H. Sohn, except *Courtesy of Liping Song and **Courtesy of Jody Nellessen.



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