Become a Pool Member


Everyone is invited to become a member of The Highlands Natural Pool. The pool is mostly run by volunteers and we are sustained financially by our paid memberships and donations.

While we welcome daily visitors, we ask our guests to consider becoming full members, because without members the pool would be unable to survive.


How to Join the Pool


Download a membership application (PDF document) form for either mail-in payments by check or online credit card payments. Please complete the requested information and mail it to us:

The Community Association of the Highlands, Inc.

180 Snake Den Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456

A completed, mailed-in membership application is required regardless of payment method.

Before submitting your membership application form, please review our Membership discount offers and our policies:


1. General Rules and Regulations

2. Grounds Rules for our Picnic Grove and the rest of the Pool property.



• For mail-in payments: send your check to the address above, along with completed membership form;

• For online credit card payments: pay in FULL using the order form below. (note: payments are processed by PayPal, which charges us a processing fee that we have included in the online prices. You don't need a PayPal account: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards are accepted); Please mail in completed online payment version of membership form.




Family Membership


Couple Membership


Individual Membership*


Guest Pass Package

Senior Couple Membership*


Senior Individual Membership*


*Add One or More Child




Note: Only 1 Guest Pass Package allowed per each membership. By submitting your membership application form electronically, you agree to comply with the policies of the Highlands Natural Pool. All prices are subject to change without notice.



2018 Membership Discount offers


"Bring in three, get yours free!" If you bring in three new members, your membership is free!

Note: a "new" member can be a former member if they have not joined in the past thee or more years. To get your discount for bringing in one or more members, just make sure that the new member(s) add a note to their application mentioning you by name and stating that you brought them in. If you have already paid your membership dues, send us a note with the name(s) of any member(s) you brought in, and we will reimburse you for the applicable discount.


How You Can Support the Highlands Natural Pool


In addition to becoming an annual member, there are other ways beyond memberships where you can help us sustain the pool for future enjoyment:

• Order an engraved brick for the Pool entrance walkway, for yourself or in memory of a loved one, to become part of our history!

• Buy "The Legacy Continues" Pool T-shirts (order yours at the pool snack stand).

• Search the web using GoodSearch to generate income for the Pool - at no cost to you!

• Do your online shopping through GoodShop and small percentage of each transaction will be donated to the pool - at no cost to you!.

• Provide for a planned gift to the Pool, creating a lasting legacy for the next generation.

• You can also donate directly to the pool via PayPal:


For more information, contact us directly:

• By e-mail: Highlands_Pool -at-

• By telephone: 973-835-4299



Note: Prices subject to change without notice.