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Support the Pool

For over 85 years the Highlands Natural Pool has been a cherished place where where memories are made, lifetime friendships are kindled, and denizens of a busy modern life are able to escape to a slice of the natural world and a simpler time.

The Highlands Natural Pool is a 501(c)3 charity and we would not continue to exist without the support of our community. The pool is run by volunteers and we are sustained financially by our paid memberships and your generous donations.

Donations of goods, services, and cash are tax-deductible (minus the fair market value of goods or services provided).

Consider utilizing a company match of time or resources. Every little bit helps.

How We Use Your Donations

The Highlands Natural Pool is managed and run by volunteers along with a small paid seasonal staff. We are always investing in the pool whether it be repairing storm damage, purchasing new safety equipment, or maintaining and upgrading existing facilities.

Most of the money the pool brings in during our season is used to cover operating costs and insurance during the season. In some years we barely bring in enough to cover those expenses.


Your donation enables us to keep up with the wear and tear. It allows us to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all of our guests.

We can only accomplish our goals with your generous support. Every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution and we hope to welcome you at the pool this summer!

Other Ways You Can Support the Pool

  • Order an engraved brick for the Pool entrance walkway, for yourself or in memory of a loved one, to become part of our history!

  • Provide for a planned gift to the Pool, creating a lasting legacy for the next generation.

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